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The best Shar Pei life. Farm vs City!

We all know that there are many outside factors that influence a dog’s behavior and health.  One of those factors is where a dog lives.
Mickey and Elwood are brothers. They share the same father and have many similar personality traits. Both are very happy and healthy dogs. Yet their lives are very different.  Elwood lives on a quiet farm in The Netherlands and Mickey lives in the vibrant city of Prague.
Enjoy their diaries in which they allow you a little peak into a typical day in their lives. 

Woof! It’s me, your favorite farmpei, Elwood, reporting from the wild world of the farm. Today has been quite a day, let me fetch you the highlights!

farmer sharpei

06:00 Morning started with the crowing of the rooster. I swear that guy has an internal alarm clock set to “annoying.” I went outside and gave him a friendly bark, but he just strutted away like he owned the place.

07:00 I did my daily rounds, inspecting the fence for any breaches. You won’t believe what I found—two sneaky foals attempting an escape. I quickly transformed into a border collie, leaping over bales of hay, and herded them back into their field. Now quickly back inside where my humans make me some breakfast.

09:00 I spotted the mail van approaching the farm. I hoped for the mailman with the cookies, but it was the other one. I barked to tell him I want cookies and he was so impressed with me that he went away. I hope to get some cookies! 

10:00 The horses decided to have a spontaneous dance party in the meadow. They were moving and grooving, with hooves stomping and tails swishing. Of course, I couldn’t resist joining in the boogie. Let me tell you, I totally stole the spotlight. But I got to go. We are ready to go for our daily hike in the woods. My favorite part of the day!

12:00 During my midday siesta, I had a dream about a world where all dogs could drive tractors. We zipped through fields at top speed, barking at the horses to move out of our way.

14:00 In the afternoon, I made an unexpected alliance with a mischievous cat. We formed a covert team to raid mice nest in the hay barn. Mission Impossible?! We successfully opened the plastic wrapped bale and dug a tunnel to the centre of the hay bale but got caught red-pawed by the farmer. Oops!

16:00 Car ride into town to pick up the mail. I wonder why the mailman never came back with my cookies! But not to worry, I love these rides.

18:00 Dinner time! I eat home cooked food. As a gentleman with exquisite taste, I refuse to eat anything else. And do I smell chicken broth? O yes, Yummie! Tomorrow, we go to agility training because I always get the chicken broth after training.

20:00 I settled down in the farmhouse, basking in the warmth. Ah, the sweet warmth of the fireplace and a gentle hand rustling through my fur. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love being a farm dog.

Hi friends! It’s Mickey from Prague, reporting about yet another one of my fun days in the busy city. So much has happened. Let me tell you! 

09:00 Yawn, stretch, and time to select my favorite toy to bring to the human. Of course, she ignores all her alarm clocks, so it is up to me to make sure she does not oversleep. Wet nose to the face – no response. Maybe a slobbery kiss will help? Yes! And her eyes are open, the exciting new day can start! I do my happy dance to celebrate. 

09:30 We played a little with my ball, while the human sipped on her coffee, and clicked away on her strange devices. I don’t mind, she says it’s how she pays for my best life. And me, I’ve done my part to start her day with happiness.

10:00 We are ready for the morning walk! The best part of the day. I could not contain my excitement. As I wiggled with happiness, eager to explore, we made our way downstairs and onto the busy city streets. As always, I needed to make my morning rounds and check all the messages from my fellow city dwelling dogs (and leave them some to read as well). So much to sniff, so much to check! I don’t mind the passing cars and bicycles at all, but I really love the people. The best ones always stop to say what a cute boy I am, and I greet them with some cuddles and kisses. We even met some friendly dogs! We made our way to the park, where I dashed around and galloped. My human muttered something about me being a Chinese greyhound. Will need to double check later.

11:00 Back home and it’s time to eat! And of course, as I am the bestest boy, after breakfast treats!

12:00 My midday siesta was interrupted by some deliveries to our house. I huffed and puffed and boofed, doing my best to protect the home from intruders.

15:00 Found a toy. Might destroy later.

15:15 Toy exploded. I had nothing to do with it.

17:00 Today I discovered a new part of our home. Will need to check back later. There are still rooms I avoid. Like the “bathroom”…

19:00 Car ride always means something fun! Human said we’re going training. I am not sure I need any training, as I already am the best boy in this city. But I get treats, so might be worth it.

23:00 Trained, took a long evening walk. Had dinner. Now it’s playtime with the human to keep her entrained. I like playing fetch, and tugging. And she needs to recover all the toys from under the furniture. And now a big yawn, stretch, and a few circles on my bed to make it more comfortable. And of course, some good night scratchies from my human. Goodnight! And hope your day was as happy as mine!

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