Show regulation of the EFSPC

The EFSPC not only honors the champions of today but also nurtures the future of the Shar Pei breed by encouraging responsible breeding practices and adherence to established standards. With love for the breed, a dedication to its heritage, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence within the Shar Pei community, the EFSPC is dedicated and committed to celebrating the excellence and standards of the Shar Pei breed. We want to provide a platform where Shar Pei from across Europe can showcase their exceptional qualities. 

Each year, there will be a number of shows organized under the EFSPC patronage. The show calendar of upcoming events can be found here.

EFSPC Club members, as well as country Ambassadors can serve as organizers. Expressed interest in hosting an event needs to be submitted in writing to the EFSPC Vice President, in advance of the EFSPC board meeting, for approval for the year ahead. 

Each show is organized by EFSPC or a national club-member of EFSPC in cooperation with the EFSPC show team. In the case of a show under the umbrella of a national club, or organized by a EFSPC Ambassador, they must adhere to all propositions and rules of EFSPC.

Show Organization:

The organizer is responsible for administration, advertisement, visualization of the logos of EFSPC, prizes, the list of results, reports, management of the judges, and the management of the agreements in accordance to the country of the event. 

Responsible members must strive for a positive presentation of EFSPC during the show.

Approval Process:

Selection of organized EFSPC shows is based on the expressed interest of the host country (club or Ambassador) and the demonstration of the ability to organize the exhibition at the appropriate level. 

In advance of the EFSPC Board Meeting, the interested members need to submit a filled out request form to the EFSPC Vice President. The CC Show Request Form can be found here.

The EFSPC Board will review the request at each upcoming Board Meeting, and provide feedback and their decision for patronage, either including or rejecting the suggested exhibition into the show calendar. 

EFSPC reserves the right to consider approving the organizational country of EFSPC Championship based on:
– A dignified venue
– Organizational ability of the regional team
– The judge’s experience and relationship with the Shar Pei breed
– Ability and assurance of adequate EFSPC representation
In serious cases, EFSPC reserves the right to change the location of the EFSPC Championship, or to cancel the patronage of the event.

Organizer’s Responsibilities:

The exhibition must adhere to the umbrella and show regulations of FCI. It can be organized as a common show with club shows or other shows (regional, IDS..) or as a separate show. 
The judges’ list for the show must be confirmed by EFSPC in adnvance. 
Responsible members will advertise the show via multichannel tools well in advance of the show. 
The organizer is obliged to process the results and send them no later than 2 weeks after the end of the exhibition to the EFSPC show manager for publication on the website together with photo documentation.

EFSPC Responsibilities: 

The EFSPC show team will work alongside the organizer team, to aid in the smooth event management, providing guidance and support.

We will provide online support, advertising the event on our website and social media (both pre and post event). 

EFSPC Championship shows have the exclusive right to award EFSPC titles; EFSPC will provide ribbons or trophies, and  printed championship diplomas to be awarded at the show. 

When agreed, the EFSPC can provide printed materials for distribution to the show participants. 

Titles of the EFSPC Championship:

CC EFSPC junior – May be awarded to dogs and bitches graded as Excellent 1 (JCAC, if awarded at the show) in the junior class.
CC EFSPC – May be awarded to 1 dog and 1 bitch graded Excellent 1 (CAC, if awarded at the show) from intermediate, open, or champion class.
Reserve CC EFSPC – May be awarded to 1 dog and 1 bitch graded as Excellent 1 (CAC if awarded at the show) in a different class from the CC EFSPC, in intermediate, open, or champion class; OR to 1 dog and 1 bitch graded as Excellent 2 (R.CAC if awarded at the show) in intermediate, open, or champion class from the same class as the CC EFSPC winner.
CC EFSPC Veteran – Males and bitches received Excellent 1 in the veteran class.
BOB – Best of breed – Awarded to the best dog or bitch from CC EFSPC juniors, CC EFSPC, CC EFSPC Veterans (In case all titles awarded, 6 dogs in the ring for this competition).
BOS – Best of Opposite Sex

European Championship of EFSPC

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