Who is Ambassador

Not necessary  breeder but able to manage  an activities for EF
–   Ambassador is person with good knowledge about breed, exhibitions and breeding.
–   Well accepted, with good reputation in his/her country, with appropriate relationships with breeders and kennel club.
–   He/she is responsible for sharing information and ideas of EFSPC.
–   If possible he/she does as much as possible for organizing CC ranking show of EFSPC in country.
–   Closely work with all members of the presidium.
–   Prepare annual report for GA about situation in his/her country.
–   All Ambassadors must be accepted by presidium by voting.
–   Presidium can cancel own decision in case a discipline reason or an ambassador is not well acting.
–   Ambassador is member of GA without voting right
–   Ambassadors are acting only in country without national club or if national club is not member of EF. 
This position is canceled if his/her country establish a national club and join EF

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