Incorporation articles of the European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs – EFSPC.

1. Legal Nature and Position of the Federation

The European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs – EFSPC (hereinafter referred to as the “Federation” or as “EFSPC”) is a civic association incorporated pursuant to Act No. 83/1990 Coll. on Associations of Citizens, as amended, a non-political, voluntary and independent organization, which has not been founded for profit-making purposes.  
The Federation may oblige itself in its own name and acquire rights. The Federation shall not be liable for any obligations of its members. 
The Federation is a voluntary association of natural persons and legal entities, founded for an unlimited period of time. The Federation may join international cynological organizations.

2. Name, Registered Office, Scope of Activities

NAME:  European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs – EFSPC
REGISTERED OFFICE:  Mlynská 280, 925 22  Veľké Úľany
SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES: Territory of the Slovak Republic 

Registration and the acting permitting by Ministry of the Interior SK; 
No.: W8/1-900/90-50881.  Statistical Office – Reg No.: 50788400.

3. Objectives and Mission of the Club

Cooperation between national Shar Pei breeding clubs, ambassadors and individual members aiming the raising of awareness to the Shar Pei breed (hereinafter referred to as the “breed”), the promotion and the protection of its genetic heritage.
Organisation of common activities for national Shar Pei breeding clubs, ambassadors and individual members, which will lead to positive perception of the breed and contribute to the improvement of the Shar Pei health quality and vitality.
Systematic work in exchanging and distributing information between national Shar Pei breeding clubs, ambassadors and individual members.
Promotion of national Shar Pei clubs – EFSPC members – within EFSPC´s possibilities.
Coordination and unification of breeding rules and regulations in different countries, assistance and encouragement of scientific and expert activities for all EFSPC members, which will have a positive impact on Shar Pei health.
Organization of the main exhibition activity – “EFSPC club show” – including awarding the European Federal Club Winner title. The exhibition shall be a part of certain significant cynological events, such as a global, European or international exhibitions. The exhibition may also be organized independently, if decided so by the Presidium. A national Shar Pei club, a member of EFSPC, shall be entrusted with organizing such exhibition based on a decision of the EFSPC presidency.
External presentation of the breed.
Provision of explanations and commentaries on the FCI standard.

4. Members, Members’ Rights and Obligations

Membership in the Federation shall be voluntary. Members of the Federation may include natural persons or legal entities. All national Shar Pei breeding clubs, which meet the conditions of the present Articles of Incorporation, may become EFSPC members and they may apply for such membership in writing, sending their applications to the address of the EFSPC´s President and copy to the secretary. If there are more than one national Shar Pei breeding club in one state, all of them may apply for membership. Applications for membership are approved by the ESPCF´s General Assembly at its next session after the application has been filed. More than 75% affirmative votes are needed for accepting a national Shar Pei breeding club as a member.
There are two types of membership in EFSPC: 
regular (for national Shar Pei breeding clubs) and membership for individual fans (supporters). 

Regular Members

EFSPC requires, that a breeder’s and owner’s Code of Ethics are part of the Articles of Incorporation of every national member, which is a regular member of EFSPC. The Code of Ethics shall be adopted or modified by the General Assembly at the initiative of the Presidium.
Regular members shall be included in the rules of organization, which shall be updated at every session of the General Assembly.
Regular members shall have the right to participate and vote in any election, also they may organize the annual EFSPC club show.
Regular members shall have the right to be involved in the EFSPC´s policy. 
Any application of a national Shar Pei breeding club for admission in EFSPC shall be sent to the address of the EFSPC´s President and it shall contain the current EFSPC´s Articles of Incorporation, signed and stamped by the statutory body/bodies of the national club, which has applied for membership, as well as a confirmation of a national umbrella organization, that the club or its section is an FCI member; also the breeder’s Code of Ethics of the EFSPC has to be signed by the statutory body as confirmation, that it has been adopted as a binding standard for all members of the national Shar Pei club.
Every country shall pay € 150 annually to the EFSPC´s bank account. The payment shall be made not later than on the last day of February of the particular calendar year.

Fans – Supporters – Individual Members

may actively participate in the club´s activities;
shall have an advisory vote;
shall have no voting right for the country they are members of;
shall be registered in the list of supporters – administered by the club´s secretary – which shall be disclosed on the EFSPC´s web page;
their annual membership fee shall be € 40. The payment shall be made to the EFSPC´s bank account not later than on the last day of February of the particular calendar year;
shall not be elected to EFSPC´s presidium;
with their declarations they can not represent their country or club, unless it is a regular EFSPC member;
individual member of EFSPC, citizen of country without a national Shar Pei club or national club – no member of EFSPC can take the status of AMBASSADOR for a country, where they live. 

Membership Discipline

Every member shall adhere to the Articles of Incorporation of EFSPC. Any non-compliance with the standards described by the Articles of Incorporation and any behaviour, which is not in accordance with good manners and harms the image of a member or of EFSPC, shall be reported to bodies of regular members at the discretion of the Presidium.
Any violation of EFSPC´s Articles of Incorporation shall be subject to disciplinary punishment pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation of the particular regular member to which the individual belongs.
If proposed by the Presidium, the GA may exclude an individual from EFSPC´s activities.
Membership of any member (regular or individual) may be cancelled by decision of the GA, if proposed by the Presidium.

5. The Club’s Bodies

5.1 EFSPC’s Bodies

General Assembly
Working commissions 

5.2 General Assembly (GA)

5.2.1. It shall be composed of two representatives of each regular member. Every country has 1 vote while, if the Federation has more than two members residing in one state, such regular members shall elect 2 representatives of each of them; Voting shall be a collective decision of all representatives. 1 country – 1 vote. 
5.2.2. A list of representatives of regular members with voting rights shall be submitted (by post with the signature of the statutory body of the regular member or by e-mail from an authorized e-mail address) not later than 5 weeks prior to the General Assembly session to the address of the EFSPC´s President. 
5.2.3. General Assembly sessions shall usually be held annually, preferably on the occasion of an EFSPC club exhibition.
5.2.4. The agenda shall be prepared by the EFSPC´s Presidium.
5.2.5. Points for discussion may be proposed by representatives of regular members not later than 4 weeks prior to the EFSPC´s General Assembly session.
5.2.6. In the event of any discrepancies or controversies related to a particular point, should these not be included in the agenda of a GA session – the Presidium shall decide. The proposing member shall be notified of any negative decision, before the GA session is opened.
5.2.7. The GA is quorate with any number of delegates.
5.2.8. Decisions shall be adopted, if approved by a majority of votes, unless stipulated otherwise herein.
5.2.9. GA sessions may be summoned also under special occasions based on a written request by over 75% of regular members, which shall be submitted to the EFSPC´s President. Such extraordinary GA sessions shall be summoned not later than 4 months after delivery of the request. All signatures on the letter of request for an extraordinary GA session shall be verified by a notary.
5.2.10. GA sessions shall be chaired by the President or a person authorized by him. 
5.2.11. Any expenditures of representatives of regular members related to their participation in GA sessions shall be settled from the regular members own resources.
5.2.12. GA is composed by Presidium, Ambassadors, Inspectors, 2 delegates (representatives) of each regular member, guests (out of necessary reasons, after approval of nomination list by Presidium).

5.3 General Assembly Task and Activities

The General Assembly shall:
5.3.1. participate in planning EFSPC´s activities and direction;
5.3.2. elect the Presidium for the following 5-year electoral period;
5.3.3. approve the Annual Report;
5.3.4. update the EFSPC breeders´ Code of Ethics;
5.3.5. be authorized to amend the EFSPC´s Articles of Incorporation;
5.3.6. approve membership fees;
5.3.7. admit new regular members;
 5.3.8. decide on the exclusion of members based on a proposal by the Presidium. More than 75% affirmative votes are required for exclusion of any member;
5.3.9. elect two Inspectors of accounts for the relevant 5-year period;
5.3.10. based on a proposal of the Federation´s Presidium, it shall adopt and approve internal regulations of the Federation which shall not be in contradiction to the present Articles of Incorporation. 

5.4 EFSP’s Presidium shall:

5.4.1. manage EFSPC between individual sessions of the General Assembly in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation;
5.4.2. be elected for 5-year periods;
5.4.3. summon and prepare agendas of GA sessions;
5.4.4. prepare supporting documents for the GA necessary for approval by the Annual Report;
5.4.5. cooperate with managements of regular members with the purpose of international harmonization of basic breeding standards of the breed;
5.4.6. establish working groups which are supposed to deal with particular problems related to breeding, health and keeping the breed and ensure their presentation and publicity;
5.4.7. summon GA sessions;
5.4.8. organize professional and educational activities, e.g. symposia or discussions which are open also for non-members;
5.4.9. nominate the juries for EFSPC club shows;
5.4.10. ensure continuous expert information and information about the Federation’s activities through publications and articles in selected media;
5.4.11. appoint organizational committees for the Federation´s activities;
5.4.12. ensure the collection of data from regular EFSPC members;
5.4.13. have 5 members: 
– President
– Vice-President 1 – main focus: responsible for communication with individual members and ambassadors

– Vice-President 2 – main focus: responsible for shoe management
– Economist
– Member – responsible for PR

Scope of Activities of Presidium Members

The President shall:
– be the statutory representative of EFSPC;
– be entitled to dispose of the Federation´s bank account, exclusively jointly with the Federation´s Economist; 
– represent EFSPC pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation;
– be responsible for meeting EFSPC´s objectives and compliance with the Articles of Incorporation;
– require all Presidium members to assume an active and responsible approach to EFSPC´s activities;
– summon GA sessions;
– have a decisive vote in the event of equal votes during the Presidium´s decision-making process;
– may make declarations on behalf of EFSPC;
– may at any time request detailed information about the activities of every member of the Presidium;
– may propose temporary substitution of any inactive member of the Presidium; if necessary, the President shall present a proposal for substitution to the GA.

The Vice-President 1 shall:
– cooperate with the President;
– substitute the President in the event of his/her absence or inability to participate in discussion;
– the President may only be substituted if he/she has been informed thereof and has provided his/her approval; maintain and update the List of Regular Members and the Register of Supporters with full addresses and contact data. The register shall be maintained in compliance with personal data protection rights;  ensure standard communication within the Presidium, among regular members and supporters of EFSPC.

The Economist shall:
– carefully and clearly record all EFSPC´s incomes and expenditures;
– be authorized to dispose of the Federation´s bank account, exclusively jointly with the President of the Federation;
– prepare supporting documents for Inspectors, always one month prior to a GA session;
– prepare supporting documents for the purpose of – compliance with EFSPC´s tax obligations;
– manage the economic agenda and be responsible for archiving economic data. He/she shall archive the economic agenda pursuant to relevant tax regulations;
– have a specimen signature at the bank and the authorization to handle EFSPC´s account independently;
– allow Inspectors to look into economic accounting immediately, not later than 4 weeks after they have requested to do so.

Member – responsible for PR:
– be responsible for spreading expert information and information about EFSPC´s activities;
– make sure the web page is updated and attractive;
– be responsible for updating the results of club competitions;
– be responsible for quick disclosure of information and balancing promoted events (not preferring certain members);
– ensure promotion of national activities if required by regular members;
– intermediate and motivate preparation of expert articles for publication media;
– present a positive image of the breed in accordance with the – present Articles of Incorporation;
– present joint opinions in accordance with the EFSPC´s Articles of Incorporation while he/she shall not present his/her own opinions under any circumstances;
– may elect workmates for PR activities who shall be approved by the Presidium. Members of the supporting team may only be representatives of regular EFSPC members or registered EFSPC supporters;
– PR activities shall be financed by EFSPC;
prepare a report about his/her activities for the GA.

Presidium / the Form of Performing its Functions

The Presidium shall be summoned at least twice a year.
Presidium sessions shall be summoned by the EFSPC´s President.
If it cannot be summoned by the President, it may be summoned by the Vice-President.
If it cannot be summoned by the Vice-President, it may be summoned by 3 members of the Presidium
If a personal meeting is impossible or if a quick decision needs to be made, a correspondence session may also be held. In the event of a correspondence session, only e-mail communication from an authorized e-mail address shall be acceptable. The entire communication shall be sent to all members of the Presidium and archived by the secretary.
Voting shall always be public.
The costs of personal participation in sessions of the Presidium shall be settled from EFSPC funds.

6. Inspectors

The club shall have 2 Inspectors who shall:
– be elected by the GA, following a proposal of the Presidium, for 5-year periods of time;
– approve the economic report of the club´s Economist submitted to the GA;
– present a brief inspection report to the GA;
– inspect the period of 1 January – 31 December of every calendar year;
– may request to look into the Economist´s agenda at any time during the year.
– Any request to look into economic accounting for other purposes than for inspection for the GA shall be justified and made jointly by both Inspectors (not individually). The Presidium shall be informed thereof at least one week before the request is presented.

7. Ambassadors

Not neccesery  breeer but able to manage  an activities for EF
Ambassador is person with good knowledge about breed, exhibitions and breeding.
Well accepted, with good reputation in his/her country, with appropriate relationships with breeders and kennel club. 
He/she is responsible for sharing information and ideas of EFSPC.
If possible he/she does as much as possible for organizing CC ranking show of EFSPC in country.
Closely work with all members of the presidium.
Prepare annual report for GA about situation in his/her country.
All Ambsasadors must be accepted by presidium by voting.
Presidium can cancel own decision in case a disciplinee reason or an ambassador is not well acting.
Ambassador is member of GA without voting right
Ambassadors are acting only in country without national club or if national club is not member of EF. This position is canceled if his/her country establish a national club and join EF

8. Principles of Financial Management of the Club

– EFSPC shall manage its finances in accordance with the approved budget.
– EFSPC´s property shall serve to ensure its mission and development.
– EFSPC´s incomes shall be composed of membership fees, donations, subsidies and grants from both national and foreign natural persons and legal entities and incomes from EFSPC´s activities.
– EFSPC´s financial management and accounting shall comply with the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic. All incomes shall be used for meeting the goals and following the Articles of Incorporation of EFSPC. Any potential remuneration shall be approved by the GA following a proposal by and justification of the Presidium.

Dissolution of the Federation

The Federation shall be dissolved by:
– decision of the GA about EFSPC´s dissolution, made by at least 2/3rds majority of regular EFSPC members;
– lawful decision of a body relevant for registering the EFSPC about its dissolution.
If the Federation is dissolved voluntarily, the club´s assets shall be liquidated in accordance with generally valid legal regulations.

Liquidation of the Federation shall be made by a person authorized by the EFSPC´s Presidium.

Final Provisions

Any matters not regulated herein shall be governed by relevant Slovak and EU legal regulations. 

The present Articles of Incorporation have been adopted at a session of a preparatory committee held in Bratislava on 20th February 2017 and they shall be valid from the registration date of the Federation by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic 15.3.2017 / WS/1-900/90-50881

Modification: General Assambly, Senec, Slovakia 18.9.2023

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