Shar-Pei PRO© symposium 2023

Animal welfare and its priorities, consequences and criteria for responsible breeders and dog owners.

Dr. Tamás Jakkel – President of the FCI

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A complex of hereditary eye diseases associated with the Shar Pei breed.

Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment. Recommendations for the management of the POAG/PLL diseases in the wider population and in kennels.

Prof DrVet Alexandra Trbolová, PhD. Ophthalmologist

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Anatomy from the point of view of the most common mistakes when judging the Shar Pei breed.
A recorded lecture.


Gayle Gussin Gold Creasman

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Standard – Coat – A recorded lecture.

Why do misunderstandings arise when judging the quality and structure of the Shar Pei coat.

What the standard says, problematic myths about fur and wrinkles. Simplification for the sake of clarity and uniform assessment procedures. Unification of judges’ approach, critical approach of breeders.

Mgr. Viera Staviarska, breeder, judge.

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Standard – Wrinkles – A recorded lecture
Author: Mgr. Viera Staviarska 
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