Victoria Potapkina


Dogs have always been rightful and loved family members in my household. Growing up, my grandparents had hunting dogs – German short-haired pointers, and a basset hound. While my own four-legged best friend was a faithful boxer, who stayed with me for over 13 years. 

My first Shar-Pei arrived in 2016, completely turning my life around and introducing me to a world of cynology, dog shows, and a whole new community I didn’t even know existed. He inspired me to learn, to investigate, to ask questions, and take additional courses. Together we traveled across Europe, exploring, but also going to shows. At the beginning of 2022 a second Shar-Pei arrived in my home, expanding our little team. 

I am currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2017 I have been a member of the Czech Shar-Pei Club, and since 2021 also of the Slovak Shar-Pei Club. 

I hold a PhD in political and social sciences, and work in project management. I look forward to applying both my academic, as well as managerial skillset to the work for the Shar-Pei breed and the EFSP.

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