Valerie Lorient

Member of the board – Lead of the working commissions.

  • My name is Valerie Lorient, I’m 47 and live in south France. In my daily life I’m a director company of a medico social structure for oldies peoples and with my husband we are the proudest “parents” of 7 lovelies Shar-Pei and a rescue poodle of 13’ … I use the word parents cause my dogs are member of my family and are our children.
  • Above all, I’m a Shar-Pei lover truly passionate but also breeder as well under affix  Bouquet  Imperial”, I do not breed a lot, one a year, but with responsibility, conscientiousness and respect toward FCI standard, health, longevity ancestor and pedigrees … I love handling my Shar-Pei on National and International dogs shows and no matter results , the pleasure is still the same.
  • During these latest years, I read and learned a lot for perform my knowledges and listened attentively advices of mentors and old breeders, I owe them so much. I devoted a big part of these latest years , my spare time and energy for our beloved breed cause I sincerely think she deserves to being treated with respect and considered like a treasure. My passion for her and my motivation pushed me on one and only way ,help the breed in my country. This is why I’d held position of responsibilities within the missions as a head in my country. After 4 years of good and loyalties services, something in my opinion wasn’t sufficient to help…I decided to go ahead, turn to another way and future.
  • Convinced that we could do better, we decided in early 2017 with another passionate and best friend by creating a great organization called “Alliance Française du Shar-Pei” alliance-sharpei.com entirely dedicated to the Shar-Pei , his health and all concerns about.
  • Today, I’m feel honored to contribute to the development of the EFSPC where intended purpose is the future of this beautiful breed. About people who doesn’t know me or never meet me, you have to know that I never dreamed to success but I always worked hardly to succeed ….
  • Peace, love and Shar-Pei are my philosophy.

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