DrVet, PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Martin Mihály, PhD

Professional Summary

Dedicated veterinarian with extensive experience in internal medicine, surgery, and research. Passionate about advancing veterinary science and improving animal health. Proven track record in academia, clinical practice, and professional associations. Committed to lifelong learning and staying at the forefront of veterinary knowledge.



  • DrVet, PhD in Veterinary Medicine
    • Year: 2005, University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice, Slovakia


Professional Experience

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Slovakia

  • Department of Surgery, Orthopaedics, and Radiology

Years: 1994–2010, Position: Teacher

Responsibilities: Conducted lectures, practical sessions, and research in surgical techniques, orthopedics, and radiology.

Mentored students and contributed to their academic growth.

Veterinary Clinic SLON, Košice – the founder and Co-Owner

  • Years: 2006–Present
  • Practice Focus: Small animal medicine
  • Achievements:

Established a thriving clinic known for compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments.

Collaborated with a team of skilled veterinarians to provide comprehensive services.


Professional Affiliations

Veterinary Chamber of Slovak Republic

Membership: Since 2005, Field: Horse veterinary medicine

Slovak Hipiatric Association

Years: 2012–Present, Position: President

Role: Advocating for equine health and welfare. Organizing educational events and conferences.


International Study Visits

  • Farm with Sheep and Bee Production
    • Years: 1990, 1991, Location: Florac, France
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Brno
    • Year: 1996, Location: Brno, Czech Republic
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest
    • Year: 1997, Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Centre d’imagerie et de recherche sur les affections locomotrices
    • Year: 2000, Location: Goustranville, France
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
    • Year: 2001, Location: Hannover, Germany
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
    • Year: 2005, Location: Vienna, Austria

A breeder

Pernille Monberg

Pedigree dog breeding – encompassing the dog in its entirety

In 1976 two young Irish Wolfhounds entered my childhood home. They were primarily meant to be my mother’s hounds. However, with her unexpected passing just three months after we had acquired them, I became the one to take over the responsibility. The hounds were a great consolation, so when I moved to a house of my own the following year, I took them with me. This was the beginning of a wonderful life in the company of Wolfhounds, a life of constant learning about their social lives, biology, and genetics. For me a life in the company of hounds has also meant a life of selectively trying to breed the healthiest and most biomechanically correct ones.

Dog showing is one of many elements in an ambitious breeding program. It is, however, of paramount importance that show ring achievements never become the sole focus. Breeding for single traits such as conformation, or “fixing” details by breeding away from – or towards something, without keeping overall health, vitality, and mentality of the dogs in mind is a one-dimensional breeding programme. 

Dog breeds which are bred for very specific tasks and qualities are generally vulnerable in the hands of inexperienced, ignorant and irresponsible breeders. Applying a holistic breeding programme is the only way forward for purebred dogs.”

Applying a holistic approach has given a significant progressive increase in mean average lifespan of the hounds. Unfortunately, this is not to be taken as a guarantee or a stamp of approval. This method only allows one to breed for a potential for longevity. There is a vast number of environmental factors which come into play during the course of a lifetime of a dog, determining how well and how long that life will be.

I find the holistic breeding approach both challenging and intriguing. There are numerous parameters which should be taken into account: conformation, function, mental disposition, environment and, lastly but most importantly, potential for longevity. The focus is to breed and raise dogs that are fit, healthy and strong even into their veteran ages.

It is an honour to be able to introduce you to a possible research-based approach to breeding, and how it can be implemented.

Pernille Monberg

A breeder, a judge, Kennel Magic Sonet (FCI)

Mgr. Viera Staviarska

A breeder, a judge, Kennel Magic Sonet (FCI)

– Established kennel Magic Sonet in 1993
– Obtained judge license in 1998
– Current President of The Shar Pei Club of Slovakia
– Current President of the European Federation of Shar Pei Clubs
– Former President of the Club of Moloss Breeders and Dogo Argentino.
– 2015 – The Silver Medal of Honor from SK Kennel Union for breeding
– 2018 Silver Medal for development of Slovak cynology in the breeder category
– 2023 Silver Medal of Honor in the judging category
– Leading member of organizing committees of educational events for breeders – symposia, seminars
– Conducted lectures on dog quality of life, health, breeding responsibility, and Shar Pei standard
– Author of several professional articles about dog health, nutrition, ethical breeding principles
– Author of the campaign “Dog is for life, not for business,” provided under Slovak Kennel Union (SKJ) with professional information for dog owners and breeders
– Chairman of the Breeding Committee of SK Kennel Union and a representative of Slovakia in Breeding Commission of FCI.
– Secretary in Breeding commission of FCI
– Founder of Breeding Campus; Established and nurtured the Breeding Campus platform, a comprehensive resource hub for professionals. This platform facilitates collaboration with experts across various fields, with a special focus on breeding-related topics.
– Expertise Creator: Pioneered expertise in canine health, pharmacology, and the efficacy of medications and nutraceuticals.

My first dog was a Dalmatian, and I remain a big fan of this breed. But as a breeder, I have been loyal to Shar Pei since I got my first female puppy more than 30 years ago. They have a permanent place in our house. I breed with strict focus on health and good exterior. 

I have extensive experience as a breeder, a judge, and an exhibitor, so I can see all aspects of the show. 

International (CACIB) shows in countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium.

I have judged large specialty shows in various countries, international, national shows across Europe, 2 European shows, and 3 World dog shows.

In my private life, I work as a marketing director. I enjoy gardening, DIY, photography, and reading non-fiction books. But I prefer to spend time in my garden with my beloved dogs.

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