Q&A with Longevity Breeder Viktoria Matrai – Hungary

Q & A with Longevity Breeder Viktoria Matrai - Hungary

Topic in focus: Breed Specific Care

Q1. What breed specific care does a Shar Pei require? 

I think they don’t need extra specific care.

Thank God we don’t have those extreme wrinkly dogs nowadays, which needed special care, or cleaning. It was in the past in the case of old hyper types dogs. So normally, with a good quality food they can be healthy! I don’t suggest to bathe them too often, I usually do 1 or 2 times a year, sometimes to help them changing their coat. 

I think Shar Pei are not for keeping outside!!! 

Q2. Equally as important as specific care are recommendations of what not to expose the breed to. What do you recommend owners of Shar Pei avoid doing?

I think it is very important to keep our dogs calm and stress-free. Unfortunately, stress can often cause health problems, even fever, which, unfortunately, can accelerate kidney problems if the dog is inclined to it. 

And they love to be always on our side, they don’t like to be alone, or kept separately. They want to stay near us. I don’t suggest to keep them outside… 

Q3: In your experience, does breed specific care correlate with longevity? 

Taking care of a peaceful environment, maintaining the healthy function of the internal organs – especially the GIT with appropriate food and supplements, and a loving interaction between the owner and the dog can play an important role in its quality and length of life.

Q4: How do you address longevity in your breeding program? 

I try to keep them stress-free, give them quality food, some health supplements, keep them inside the house with me, and not in kennels outside. Mine – all sleep in my bed.
Of course, I started doing genetic health screenings and trying to make my breeding program improve the eyes, ears, overall health etc.

Q5: How do you see the Shar Pei breed developing in the future? 

I think we are on a good path to improving their health and longevity, at least I really hope so…
I hope we will not lose the breed type but continue this way to improve in everything.

Q&A with Longevity Breeder Viktoria Matrai - Hungary

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