Keeping Your Shar Pei Safe in the Sun

10 Essential Tips for Summer Fun  Welcome June, Welcome summer!  As we head out to the sunny outdoors, these days it is important to keep our furry friends safe and comfortable. Here are our 10 tips for keeping your Pei safe and comfortable during the upcoming summer months: Hydration is Key Shar Pei, like all […]

Ferry travel

Ferry travel

As summer approaches, travel plans start to take shape, and many of us contemplate bringing our Shar Pei along for the journey. Flying might not be the best option, but have you considered traveling by ferry boat? Whether your destination is England, Ireland, or the Scandinavian countries, there are numerous excellent options available. Ferry companies […]

Shar-pei sleeping positions

 Do you find your phone gallery filled with snapshots of your adorable dogs too? I’m guilty of snapping countless photos of my Shar Pei. My husband often jokes, “Don’t you have enough pictures of them already?” But really, can there ever be too many? Some of my absolute favorites are the ones where they’re sound […]

Why toys matter

Imagine this: your Shar Pei running towards you with a squeaky toy in it’s mouth, eyes bright with excitement. It’s a heartwarming sight that never fails to bring a smile to your face. But beyond just being cute, toys play a vital role in keeping our dogs happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated.  Ofcourse our Shar […]

ZOOMIES – explaining the mysterious tornado of happiness 

ZOOMIES – explaining the mysterious tornado of happiness

Ever wondered why your Shar Pei transforms from a regal, dignified animal into a whirlwind of energy, zigzagging through your living room like a furry tornado? Fear not, for you are not alone in witnessing the curious phenomenon known as the “zoomies.”  Scientifically referred to as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), zoomies are random bursts […]

Benefits of physical activity

Benefits of physical activity

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Dog and Owner We have all heard about exercise to boost physical and mental health! But did you know that exercising may also lengthen the life and extend the healthspan (=the amount of time you stay well and active) of both you and your dog?  I can hear you […]

Digging dogs

when shar-pei diging

Did you ever wonder why dogs can’t resist digging up the yard or making a cozy spot in your favorite chair?

A Shar-Pei Christmas Story 

A Shar Pei Christmas Story

Once upon a time there was a small town called Frostington. It was a lovely little town and the people were happy.

Sharpei Health: A vet visit

 I find myself sitting in the vet’s office, ready for my Shar Pei’s annual check-up. To streamline the process, the vet’s office now hands out a questionnaire to all pet owners upon arrival. Eager to be a responsible owner, I grab a pen and start answering the questions with utmost honesty. 1. How old is […]

The best Shar Pei life. Farm vs City!

farm vs city sharpei

We all know that there are many outside factors that influence a dog’s behavior and health.  One of those factors is where a dog lives. Mickey and Elwood are brothers. They share the same father and have many similar personality traits. Both are very happy and healthy dogs. Yet their lives are very different.  Elwood […]