DrVet, PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Martin Mihály, PhD

The Role of Digestive Health in Influencing Quality of Life and Longevity. Hyaluronan and its Effect on the Immune System. Understanding the Process and Mitigating Auto-Inflammatory Triggers

Health, quality of life, and lifespan are multifaceted outcomes influenced by a myriad of factors. Scientific evidence has unequivocally demonstrated that maintaining a healthy digestive tract can significantly impact our ability to manage serious diseases. Gastrointestinal disorders and improper nourishment influence health condition  of all others organ systems. They could be a cause many  severe health complications, e.g. skin diseases,  compromised immunity, affection of  kidney function. 

In this lecture, we will delve into the intricate mechanisms, necessary for understanding different functions of digestive system.  Based on modern scientific research we’ll explain the importance of  hyaluronan for  the body and its peculiarities in Shar-Pei dogs. We will  discuss  practical strategies to possibilities of alleviation the clinical manifestations of genetically determined diseases of this breed. By gaining an overview of the events taking place in the body during these diseases, we can expand our possibilities to improve the overall well-being and support the longevity of our pets.


Pernille Monberg

Applying a Holistic Approach to Breeding: Longevity, Quality of Life, and Practical Strategies for Selecting Parental Pairs

We talk a lot about longevity. We seem to know everything, but when it comes to real steps, we find that our theory is weak. And what’s worse, we don’t know how to realistically apply it in breeding practices. The lecture, which will clarify everything for us, will be presented by a top expert who has conducted long-term research on the Irish Wolfhound breed, but it is applicable to all breeds. The results are remarkable.

The author of the lecture has made a significant achievement in animal husbandry. She introduced us to a holistic approach to breeding and empirically demonstrated that it is within our power to extend the viability of the offspring that come out of our kennels. Today, she will tell us more about what the study showed, how we should read the family trees of future parents, how to understand the whole process correctly, and how to make decisions when choosing parental pairs. Our goal is longevity and a high quality of life for our offspring into old age.

Breeder, judge

Mgr. Viera Staviarska

The Shar Pei: A Balance of Beauty and Health. Become the master of the Shar Pei standard as a breeder and a judge. Recognize the right features that make the Shar Pei a healthy and elegant breed.

The Shar Pei dog breed exemplifies the harmony between beauty and health. Recently, we’ve come to understand that our knowledge of the breed’s important exterior features is, frankly, only basic. This realization is disheartening and applies to both breeders and judges. While we often discuss the use of genetic tests to prevent the transmission of diseases, we overlook the significance of being familiar with the breed’s physical traits and adhering to the breed’s standards—not only for showcasing at events but also because these factors can drastically affect health.

At times, our aesthetic preferences for the Shar Pei’s appearance can be detrimental to their health. If breeders consistently select for these traits, we risk producing dogs with numerous health issues. The phrase “Because I like it…” has led to the downfall of many breeds.

When judges fail to apply breed standards rigorously, and breeders stubbornly refuse to acknowledge or understand the nuances of the standard, they mislead new owners and future breeders. This has already caused problems for other dog breeds. We must steer clear of this path and strive for a future where the Shar Pei breed is in a safe zone and healthy.

Focusing on the breed’s characteristic features and judging them accurately can contribute to the Shar Pei’s health. We face a decision: either we learn about the risks associated with extreme breed traits, or we contend with the ensuing problems and the challenge of maintaining the breed’s alowed for breeding.

Let’s set aside our egos and welcome constructive criticism. We need to closely examine and know, what is occurring within our breeding programs. This presentation will demonstrate how insufficient knowledge can harm the breed. We aim to motivate everyone to pay attention to the details. Such willingness and humility will aid all involved, from newcomers to breeders with decades of experience. Times have changed. There is no longer room for archaic breed theories or intuitive breeding. Times need and ask for more.

During this presentation, we will identify our shortcomings due to a lack of detail-oriented knowledge. The Shar Pei is loved for its elegant appearance. Can you perceive this elegancy? Can you sense their vibrant health when you observe them? After this presentation, you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes a Shar Pei both beautiful and healthy, and you will become an expert in the details, whether as a breeder or a judge.

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